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We Provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation and Staffing Solutions.

About MEDi1Connection

What We Do.

We customize supply chain solutions for the world’s most successful medical companies. We source, oversee production and deliver goods in demand for hospitals and medical suppliers around the world.
Medi1Connection is an exclusive answer to all your sourcing necessity. Guided by our mantra of quality & punctuality we have been providing bespoke supply chain solutions across the globe since 2021.

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Medi1Connection specializes in creating entry level to high quality disposable medical devices from a wide range of categories which are built around cost effective, speed, and quality.

We strive and pride ourselves in building a strong relationship with our customers to ensure our service meets their needs.

Our Services

What We Provide.

Ambulatory Care

Wheelchair or Bariatric Wheelchair

Stretcher or Bariatric Stretcher

Addition to all above services

Services are either Roundtrip or One-way; Bariatric is a BMI of 35-39 or roughly 100lbs overweight; We do not accommodate ALS (advanced life support)